Why Are Gorillas Poached? - 12 Causes Of Gorilla Poaching - Why Do Poachers Want Gorilla Hands?

Updated: 18 Jun 2021



Many people ask, why are gorillas poached? Mountain gorillas are poached for various causes, which we will discuss in this article. These threatened animals are found in central Africa, specifically in Uganda, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

They were nearly extinct in the nineteenth century, and according to mountain gorilla poaching data, many gorillas died at the hands of hunters. Unfortunately, gorilla hunting has been going on for a long time in Africa.

Why Are Gorillas Poached?

Gorillas wander around all day seeking meals before sleeping. Unfortunately, many events occur to them when they are on the move.

Along the journey, some of them are poached. Gorillas have also attacked poachers to protect themselves and their families.

Poaching of gorillas occurs for a variety of reasons. Even though the practice has decreased, it still exists.

Poachers will find it difficult to reach these gorillas in their native habitat now that activists have made it challenging for them to do so.

If you want to know why poachers kill gorillas. First, we need to understand the reasons for gorilla poaching.

1. For The Purpose Of Meat

One of the primary causes of gorilla poaching is meat. Poachers kill them to provide food for their children. Even militia groups living on the Congo side of the Virunga Conservation Area depend on gorilla flesh.

2. For the Use As Pets

People poach gorillas to sell them to wealthy foreign tycoons, private zoos, and researchers. Any residents who witness significant quantities of money generated from the act have joined the poachers in their ruthless conduct.

3. Magical Purposes

Poachers hunt gorillas for their magical and enchanting abilities. Their body parts such as hands, heads, and legs are thought to be used by witches for magical purposes. Traditional doctors' beliefs have contributed to the poaching of these animals regularly.

4. Trade-In Bushmeat

Gorilla flesh is supposed to be quite expensive. Thus poachers try their hardest to shoot this rare species of monkeys to trade the meat and profit handsomely. The flesh is said to be delicious by regular users, and there is a great interest.

5. Lack Of Knowledge

Locals can hunt gorillas because they are unaware of their value to the culture or country. Because the inhabitants fear, they murder gorillas to keep themselves secure. 

Locals must be trained about the importance of mountain gorillas to stop being hunted. In case of danger, they can contact the appropriate authorities.

6. Civil Instability And Conflict

Even though the states are now nominally secure, civil conflicts in Rwanda and Congo killed numerous mountain gorillas.

Gorilla traveling in Rwanda is now secure, while gorilla traveling in Congo is still dangerous. The instability in Congo continues to this day. Rwanda is a lot safer now.

7. Natural Calamities

One of the minor hazards to hillside gorillas is an environmental tragedy; earthquakes, floods, heavy rains, and other natural disasters are among them.

8. Infections

Human infections are hazardous to gorillas. It's far terrible for gorillas, who lack the requisite defenses that people do and suffer from illnesses.

This is the primary reason that ill tourists are not permitted to see the gorillas. Authorities are concerned that they will quickly spread infections to gorillas, causing many of them to perish.

9. Medals

Sometimes, people kill gorillas for trophies. Some people keep killing gorillas as prizes or symbols of dominance. Their ego is satisfied as a result of this.

10. Traps To Catch

Sometimes gorillas are accidentally poached. They get caught in snares designed for other forest creatures such as antelopes, duikers, bush pigs, bushbucks, etc. Because gorillas are so active, they are vulnerable to such traps.

11. Lack Of Ecosystem

The increase in human numbers has resulted in significant habitat destruction for gorillas. This has prompted gorillas to relocate to higher elevations, hazardous to their health since they contract diseases like pneumonia and die.

In addition, humans remove trees for various reasons, including farming, habitation, and industrialization.

12. Search For Oil And Gas

Virunga National Park in Congo has been most impacted by oil and gas drilling. This park covers the central part.

Agreements for development have been issued to companies. Poaching and illness transfer to gorillas is anticipated to grow due to this.

Last Words

Poaching gorillas has been prohibited for many years. As a result, many steps have been implemented to prevent gorilla poaching, and the practice has slowly decreased.

Visitors are allowed to approach and view gorillas for one hour after being tamed. In Uganda, a gorilla journey costs $600, $1500 in Rwanda, and $400 in Congo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Poachers Kill Gorillas?

Gorillas are hunted for various reasons, including eating, meat trade, and herbal remedies. As part of the Bushmeat trade, gorillas have been slaughtered to meet the high demand for meat in metropolitan areas, where monkey flesh intake is desirable among the billionaire class.

Why Do People Capture Gorillas?

Gorillas are potent mammals who have long been feared in the wild. Most individuals kill them to demonstrate their power and keep their parts of the body as proof. Hunters track out and catch gorillas to create personal zoos.

Why Do Poachers Want Gorilla Hands?

Mountain gorillas are hunted for various purposes, including animal parts; some wealthy people adore gorilla flesh and consider it honorable to consume it.

Unfortunately, some people have joined the gorilla"s poaching to profit from their sales due to a lack of funds.

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