When To Plant Turnips For Deer To Feed Or Hunt? - When Do You Start Planting Turnips?

Updated: 22 Jun 2021



When to plant turnips for deer? It does not become tasty and enticing to animals until the earliest winter, between October and May. Once cold arrives, deer will feed on both the branches and bottoms of the plants.

It is a ground vegetable that several farmers grow to serve their cattle. These vegetables are commonly used to nourish livestock, but people also enjoy them. These are beneficial to cultivate because they are abundant in fiber and nutrients.

Although eating root vegetables is a good suggestion, you could attract deer by growing them. Several farmers choose root vegetables as a food garden approach because they can effectively bring deer to a place.

When To Plant Turnips For Deer?

People are curious about planting turnips for deer and ask, when is the best time to plant turnips for deer? According to experts, the best time for planting turnips for deer is in the fall.

When utilizing root vegetables to feed deer, the optimum period to sow them is usually in the fall. It would help if you grew the root vegetables before the first cold spell, suggesting the fall is the ideal period to do it.

These root vegetables take about 55 days to mature from being planted until harvest. This assumes you're choosing one of the widespread turnip kinds, such as top purple turnips.

If you understand these steps, you should have fun with turnips. They'll grow well, have attractive green tops, and produce turnips of a perfect intermediate size.

Everything will not work out if you cultivate it very late. Due to the extreme variances in climate conditions in various places, giving an end time to sow these vegetables for the deer can be difficult.

When to plant turnips for food plots? If you live in a cool place, you may suffer a harsh winter in the fall. Some individuals in colder areas of The United States must sow turnips in August for the most outstanding results. Still, you only need to know your regional weather systems to get it correctly.

Some individuals have a question about when to plant turnips and radishes for deer? According to experts, you can produce both root vegetables in the last week of July to the first week of August for the early sowing season. If you want to get the best result, Wait until September for their sowing.

When To Plant Turnips For Deer In Illinois?

If we talk about the planting turnips for deer in Illinois, the best time is late July to early august to get a good production.

When To Plant Turnips For Deer In Missouri?

The best time for planting turnips in Missouri is August to September. Turnips require 6 to 6.5 ph soil to grow. For good results, you can sow 3 to 6 pounds of seed via drill.

When To Plant Turnips For Deer In Iowa?

Turnips are the best food source to attract deers. Plant them from late summer to early winter in Iowa if you want to entice deer in late fall.

When To Plant Turnips For Deer In Michigan?

In Michigan, the favorable conditions for planting turnips start from late summer ( September) to Early Fall ( October). There are various varieties, and their production of leaves and roots is also different.

When To Plant Turnips For Deer In Wisconsin?

In the South, You can plant them in the early fall. While in the North, plant them in the late summer of Wisconsin's state.

When To Plant Turnips For Deer In PA?

To feed a deer in PA make a big plot for them. The suitable timing for turnip planting is late August to mid-September in PA.

When To Plant Turnips For Deer In Kentucky?

In October, deer eat turnips with full enjoyment because they become sweet and attract deers to eat. Mostly in Kentucky, the sowing season starts from August to September.

When To Plant Turnip For Deer In Plots?

Turnips are available in most parts of the country. However, precise placement is crucial. To achieve total capacity, sow it well-drained location. You can Plant them In August, September, and very early October.

The importance of soil samples cannot be overstated. A soil pH of over 6.0 is ideal for these vegetables. Use about 7 to 9 pounds of seed per acre if you are drilling. If you are spreading the grain, use 10 to 12-pound per acre.

Seeds should be settled at a depth of around 14 inches. Under certain conditions, planting more deeper than that can restrict sprouting.

Last Words

When it comes to planting turnips for deer, knowing when to do so can assist you in achieving the most significant outcomes. It would help to sow the deer turnips in the autumn, but the correct season will be based on many circumstances.

It's essential to focus on the climate trends in your region. Use your knowledge of the local temperature to determine when is the best time to sow turnips for deer.

It will also assist if you eye the sunlight variables and the turnip watering routine. If you correctly maintain the turnips, they will be ready to supply excellent nourishment to the deer in your garden.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Benefits Of Turnips For Deer?

These vegetables are beneficial to deer as they provide the necessary nutrition. The deer will benefit from the energy of these vegetables found in both the leaves and roots.

Root vegetables are excellent to grow in your farming plots since they can help deer fill nutritional gaps throughout the winter season. On the other hand, deer prefer to wait until the leaves of turnips have developed before eating them.

The turnip tops will taste harsh before they have been fully prepared. Its tops will begin to become delicious after the first frost arrives.

Its leaves remain throughout the winter, providing food for the local wildlife. It is easy to understand why turnips have become an essential component of several vegetable farming plans.

Deer Eat Turnips During What Time Of Year?

When should you plant turnips for deer? The most important thing about turnips is that while deer will eat them as soon as they sprout, don't assume maximum utilization during the early part of the winter.

Deer don't usually attack humans until mid-October to early November in places with good food sources.

When Do You Start Planting Turnips?

It is a cool-season vegetable cultivated at the end of winter, early or late September, to allow them the eight weeks they require to grow when the temperature becomes very warm or cold.

What Is The Late-Season To Sow Turnips For Deer?

In northern regions, turnips can be grown in late summer, whereas they can be seeded in early October in southern climates.

The percentages of branches and stems developed by several turnip types vary. Garden kinds have extensive roots and should not be used.

What Is The Best Turnip Type For Deer?

The purple turnip leaves are ideal because they extend far enough from the ground to allow quick deer reach. It enables the deer to nibble the crowns before readily moving on to the roots.

You will have excellent overall results if you decide to grow top purple turnips in your vegetable garden. These vegetables will provide enough protein to the deer, and you'll have more strong deer on your land for the following shooting period.

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