When Do Eagles Lay Eggs Seasonally In Their Regions? - When Do Bald Eagles Lay Eggs?

Updated: 13 Feb 2021


It is a commonly asked question, When do eagles lay eggs? It depends upon the different species of eagles and their geographical locations. Usually, bald eagles lay eggs in southern areas of Alaska in mid to late May. In this article, in detail, we will talk about when do eagles lay their eggs? 

Male and female eagle make their nest together. They complete their nest at the end of the spring season. The nest consists of two to three meters. Sometimes, the nest can weigh more than a ton. 

Eagles enjoy the same nest for several years and attach more material to it each year. If the nest breaks down, the eagles usually move away and build a new nest. 


When Do Eagles Lay Eggs?

People are curious to know when eagles lay their eggs. If we talk about the breeding season, it lasts from January to July and August in California. Usually, female eagles lay one to two, sometimes three eggs, in early spring or late winter.

Their incubation lasts about 35 days. When eaglets become eleven to thirteen weeks old, they want to escape from the nest. At the same time, another study shows that they lay eggs in early June. The eggs' size always remains between 55 mm to 73 mm (2.15 inches to 2.80 inches).

A female eagle lays one to three off-white-colored eggs in one season. Typically, These big birds construct their nest from mid-January to the end of March. Mostly, they build a nest on the top of the tall, healthy, durable tree. 

Sometimes, they make a nest on the ground, cliffs, or treeless regions. Usually, a newly constructed nest can be deep, more than two feet, and more than five feet wide.

Eagles build their nest from moss, grass, feathers, and twigs. When eagles return, they add different nest constructing materials to the old nest every year. As a result, the nest size reaches 10 feet wide and can weigh multiple tons.

When Do Eagles Lay Eggs In Wisconsin?

In Wisconsin, females Lay eggs from mid-march to early April. Male and female try to incubate the eggs, and babies hatch from the eggs for one month.

When Do Eagles Lay Eggs In Illinois?

In Illinois, they start laying eggs at the end of January to early February. They build their nests for the duration of one to three months. They breed in southern locations from late November to early December, and the breeding season changes regionally.

When Do Eagles Lay Eggs In Washington State?

In Washington states, the female eagles' eggs laying season begins from winter to late spring; they lay two to three eggs from late February to early March.  

When Do Eagles Lay Eggs In Ohio?

In Ohio, females lay eggs from late February to early April. Female gives one to three eggs and the incubation period remains for 33 to 35 days. During this time, they both share the responsibilities of feeding each other.

When Do Eagles Lay Eggs In Michigan?

In Michigan, they start laying eggs from late January to late February. Eagles build their nest from November to December for breeding in southern locations.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. When Do Bald Eagles Lay Eggs?

Many people ask one question about eagles, when do bald eagles lay their eggs? The laying time of the Bald Eagles varies with location. For example, bald eagles lay eggs earlier in the northern United States than in the southern regions.

The egg-laying season in Florida begins in early October and late April. However, the majority of incubations start in December and January. In Arizona, eagles begin to lay eggs in January and continue until late February.

The egg-laying season of bald eagles in the southeast united states starts in late November. While in the southwest, they lay eggs in early December. In the northern areas of the united states, they lay eggs in mid-January, while in Alaska, they start eggs laying in mid-March to early April.

When Do Golden Eagles Lay Eggs?

Golden eagle's egg-laying season is different in distinct regions. In Alaska, they start laying eggs from mid-April to late May, while in Floride, they lay eggs during November. Golden eagles reach adulthood at age 5, and they start to breed after achieving maturity.

When Do Harpy Eagles Lay Eggs?

If we talk about Harpy Eagles, then Harpy Eagles breed once every 2 to 3 years. The egg-laying season for the Harpy Eagles begins in April or May and lasts until December or January.

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