When Do Cats Eyes Change Color From The Blue To Brown? - Do Kitten's Eyes Change Color At Night?

Updated: 15 Sep 2021



It is an interesting question, when do cats' eyes change color? In the response, the cat's green and yellow eyes begin to turn brown and golden between four and eight weeks. When the cat reaches the age of 84 days, the color change is typically complete.

The eyes of a baby cat are firmly sealed and difficult to open. It might take up to 14 to 16 days to begin to open. Her only abilities will be touch and scent till this point, leaving her extremely vulnerable.

This content will cover when a kitten's eyes change color in detail. Keep reading and enjoy the article.

When Do Cats Eyes Change Color?

Are you curious to know when a kitten's eyes change color? The kitten's eyes remain closed between the first week to the second week. When they open their eyes, their eyes are blue. From four to ten weeks, the eye color steadily changes color until the pupil has good pigmentation to define the ultimate hue.

Not all cats change the color of their eyes. Many cats have blue eyes for the rest of their lives. these cats include:

  • Birman
  • Siamese
  • Ragdoll
  • Himalayan

These all cats have blue eyes that are often whitish.

Melanin, the similar pigment that provides a cat's fur its hue, is responsible for the color of its eyes. Melanocytes are pigment-generating organisms that develop melanin in reaction to light.

Because the cat is in the darkness while in the belly before birth, its irises lack melanin and are blue after birth; genetically, they receive blue eyes from their ancestors. The pupils will transform color once they awake and are directed to sunlight.

When Do Kittens Eyes Change Color From The Blue?

Because newborn kittens generate very little melanin, blue eyes have almost little melanin. The cat's physic creates more melanin as it grows and ages, causing the eye color shift, which begins about 48 days and lasts until around 12 weeks.

When Do Persian Cat's Eyes Change Color?

Persian cats have bright blue irises when they are born. The hue of their eyes varies as they mature. The pupil continues to shift from diverse colors to its actual color around three weeks. At six weeks, most cats achieve their natural eye color.

When Do Bengal Cat's Eyes Change Color?

When we discuss Bengal cats changing their eye color, this is a natural aspect of their maturation process. Their pupils start to alter between 21 days and 56 days, becoming a combination of deep blue with specks of gold, yellow, greenish, amber, and brownish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Cat's Eyes Change Color As They Age?

Most kitties' eyes slowly alter color, with greenish, orange, olive, and brownish being the most frequent. The kitty's body creates more melanin as it grows and ages, causing the eye color shift, which begins about 28 days and lasts until around 70 days.

Do Cat's Eyes Change Color At Night?

Although the cat's pupil color remains the same (greenish, yellow, or purple), the larger pupil she possesses in dim lighting shows more of the basal layer, and the mirrored light takes on the color of that area.

The lighting largely determines the way you view your feline irises. They may appear to glow in the dark, although this is simply light refracting off of them.

Do Cat's Eyes Change Color When They Die?

A cat's irises can alter color due to various medical conditions. Take your feline to the veterinarian if you observe any of these changes. Cats' eyes maintain the exact hue even after they die.

Do Cat's Eyes Change Color When They Are Sick?

Variations in eye color frequently indicate infection, but they can also indicate more significant health problems. Problems include:

  • Fungal infection
  • Bacterial Infection
  • Diabetes
  • Trauma

Bloody eye, gray eye, sensitivity to light, blinking, scratching at the eye, and expansion of the third eyelid are some of the signs.

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