What Sound Does A Hyena Make In Different Voices? - Do Hyenas Make A Grunting Sound?

Updated: 18 Jan 2022


what sound does a hyena make

What sound does a hyena make? Spotted hyenas are sometimes referred to as "smiling or laughing hyenas" because their laughing vocalization resembles uncontrollable human laughter. The giggling is a staccato succession of loud, high-pitched "hee-hee-hee" noises.

What Sound Does A Hyena Make?

The spotted or smiling hyena is a ferocious scavenger and murderer that raids grocery stores, steals animals, consumes trash, and even kills humans. While the spotted hyena has a reputation for its behavior, it may be more renowned for the spine-tingling noises it makes, including cackles and chuckles that sound eerily similar to human laughing.

Spotted hyenas make a variety of vocalizations, each of which conveys a distinctive message to the listener. They are notable for their "laughing" vocalization, a high-pitched sequence of brief giggle-like noises. Instead of being linked with hyenas having a great time, these noises are typically generated when frightened or attacked.

When a hyena gets irritated, it may make a laugh-like sound. This can occur when another family representative tries to take its food. The pitch of a hyena's giggle might reveal its age or status, with older animals having lower-pitched and fewer varied noises than younger individuals.

What Sound Does A Laughing Hyena Make?

Hyenas make 14 different sounds; laughing hyenas are known for their giggle noises, similar to hysterical human laughter. The giggle is a staccato succession of loud, high-pitched "hee-hee-hee" noises.

What Sound Does A Brown Hyena Make?

Brown hyenas do not produce a lot of noise. They'll grumble or yip now and then.

The brownish hyena is a bad-looking creature that belongs to the spotted Hyena family. It may be found in Africa's southwestern area. The following are five fascinating things about the brownish hyena.

To demonstrate their aggression, brown hyenas would lengthen their long brown mane and fluff out their White ruff to make themselves appear more prominent and more frightening. The characteristics above can be lost or disabled in the event of a conflict.

All of their 12 vocalizations are explained below.


A succession of sounds (from 6 to 15) lasts anywhere from 30 seconds to over 2 minutes. Each call lasts 2-3 seconds, with 2-10 seconds gaps. The "oo" tone immediately identifies this. The tone is low at the beginning and rises to a high towards the finale. This noise can be audible from more than 3 miles (5 kilometers) away. What does the whoop signify? While this is the most striking hyena sound, it has no particular purpose and is frequently performed without any apparent trigger.

Fast Whoop:

This vocalization is related to the whoop, except it is louder and has smaller intervals. This vocalization, unlike the whoop, contains a lot of significance. The meaning of the rapid whoop is as follows: When the gang is preparing to assault lions or rival hyenas over a kill, this term is used.


A faint grumble that lasts a few moments is called a grunt. It's a reminder to an undesirable hyena visitor.


A higher-pitched version of a grunt with an "ooo" sound. What does the groan mean? It's a warm greeting used in group gatherings.


A tone close to groaning but with a lower pitch. The significance of the low vocalization: The swift whoop is similar, but it is less inclined to fight competing predators.


The giggle is a noisy, strong "hee-hee-hee" that is perhaps the most alarming hyena sound. Each chuckle might last anywhere from 5 to 10 seconds. A hyena will chuckle when fleeing an assault.


A heavy scream that can continue for a few seconds is referred to as a yell. When an assailant bites hyenas, they scream in the same way that most animals do.


Growl is a crunching noise that lasts only a couple of seconds. The tone of this sound is "aa" and "oh." What the roar means: Hyenas will growl just before biting their assailant.

Grunt-Laugh Softly:

Grunt laugh softly is a rapid sequence of grunts with a low pitch. This sequence can go on for several seconds. The gentle grunt-laugh means: When a hyena is escaping from people or lions, it will make this call. When hunting prey, for example.

Loud Grunt-Laugh:

A bit stronger than the moderate grunt-laugh, this grunt-laugh can persist for up to 5 minutes. This weapon is used in confrontations with big cats and other hyena packs.


Whine is a loud, rapid sound with "eeee" tones. The meaning of the whine is as follows: Hyena cubs, like most animals, use it to find food and nurse.

Soft Squeal:

Soft squeal is a gentler and less percussive version of the whine. Parents and young hyenas use the soft squeal to communicate with one another after reconnecting with a family member.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Hyenas Make A Grunting Sound?

The spotted hyena has a wide range of vocalizations, including whoops, grunts, moans, lows, chuckles, shouts, growls, laughs, and whines.

2. Is It True That Hyenas Scream?

Yes. It is the sound of an intense scream that lasts a few seconds. When bitten by an assailant, hyenas, like other mammals, let out a yell.

3. What Is The Sound Of A Striped Hyena?

Its most robust noise is a crackling roar that is rarely heard. When a hyena is agitated, it emits a series of fast, short whinnies or cackles. With competitive hyenas, threat displays begin with a growl that builds to a roar, accompanied by a low, snapping lunge. Striped hyenas, unlike their boisterous relatives, the spotted hyenas, are generally quiet.

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