What Sound Does A Giraffe Make Besides Humming Noise?

Updated: 10 Apr 2021



Most people have a question, what sound does a giraffe make?

Although giraffes are silent animals, that doesn't mean they don't talk. Male giraffes snort and hiss when threatened, while female giraffes bellow at their young to alert them to danger. But recent research has shown that they also make many other types of sounds. 

In a 2015 study, researchers recorded the vocalizations of giraffes from different zoos and found that they produce low-frequency counting sounds at night. The researchers say these sounds are made when their family member is separated from the herd. The researchers say these sounds are made when their family member is separated from the herd. At the same time, some experts say that humming at night is a giraffe talking in its sleep.

In the article, we will explore giraffe sounds. Next, we will discuss in detail: What noises does a giraffe make?

What Sounds Does A Giraffe Make?

Giraffes are generally silent animals, but you can hear adult giraffes making a variety of sounds, including groans, grunts, moans, coughs, hisses, whistles, and bellowing. While the vocalizations of young calves differ slightly from those of adults perhaps, they include snort, bleat, mew, and moo. However, because giraffes rarely make such sounds, more research is needed to determine what they mean.

Most people believe that giraffes are quiet animals and do not make sounds. But I want to tell you that giraffes can make noises and sounds to communicate with each other because of the larynx with vocal cords.

Giraffes are physically capable of vocalizing, meaning they have a larynx with vocal cords.

Because giraffes have a narrow trachea while their necks are long, and because of their relatively low lung capacity, it is sometimes difficult to generate enough airflow to move their vocal cords.

So giraffes can make different kinds of sounds, but mostly they avoid making such sounds. Because giraffes are very good at communicating visually, they rely less on vocal communication.

Due to better eyesight and height, they can see far. Giraffes make many signals and communicate to each other through their actions, including foot stamping, head tossing, and mane waving.

Grunting And Snorting: When a giraffe is scared or facing a dangerous situation, it makes a sound of snoring and grunting. Male giraffes also make grunting noises when they fight for a female giraffe.

Below is a detail about the seven types of sounds that a giraffe make.

Hissing: Female giraffes hiss to correct their young, including when the young are out of line. Male giraffes may hiss if they are involved in a conflict. They also use the hissing sound as an alarm signal.

Whistling And Bellowing: Female giraffes mostly use bellowing and whistling sounds when communicating with babies. These sounds are used to find their babies or to tell them to come home.

Coughing: Sometimes, male giraffes have also been observed to cough loudly during mating with females. Perhaps this voice is made because he thinks it makes him sound more attractive.

Mooing, Meowing, And Bleating: Although baby giraffes are quiet, they are noisier than adult giraffes, including various vocalizations such as moo, meow, and bleating. Through these sounds, the baby tries to tell his mother that he is scared, hungry, or in any other situation, he is facing. At the age of one year, baby giraffes stop mooing and bleating.

Humming: As we know, giraffes can communicate visually. So when giraffes are out of visual range due to darkness or isolation, the humming sound may be a way to communicate. Further research may reveal whether the humming sound provides any information about the giraffe's sex, age, or dominance.

Infrasound: Since giraffes are very quiet and silent animals, it would not be correct to think that they make infrasound sounds. Although we can't call it wrong, there is no evidence that giraffes produce infrasound. The humming frequency of giraffes is 92 Hz, much higher than 20 Hz. But the research is related to zoos, and researchers still don't know much about what happens in the wild. 

Last Words

The giraffe is a silent animal because of its cool, calm, and friendly nature. However, research shows that sometimes giraffes bleat like sheep. But, mostly, they hum, but only at night. 

As well as being silent, giraffes are pretty vocal and can hear each other from up to two kilometers away. Their voices can range from faint humming to high-pitched roars depending on the circumstance. If you want to know about the giraffe's sounds, read the above article: what sounds does a giraffe make?

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