What Do Asian Elephants Eat In The Wild And Captivity? - Do Asian Elephants Eat Blueberries?

Updated: 18 Mar 2021



On the Asian continent, the Asian elephant is the largest ground mammal. Most people wonder what do Asian elephants eat? In this article, we will provide you with complete detail of the Asian elephant's diet.

They live in 13 different South and Southeast Asia countries, ranging from dry to wet forest and grassland environments. Although Asians prefer fodder plants, they have adapted themselves to live on various resources depending on their location.

What Do Asian Elephants Eat?

They eat every type of grass that can be found in Asia. They occasionally devour short woody bushes and shrubs. Elephants consume spiky plants in Asia's arid regions. Aside from that, they eat hay, branches, bananas, peel, and roots.

What Do Asian Elephants Eat In The Wild?

Asian elephants are herbivores, meaning they consume a variety of foods in the wild. They eat grass, wild fruits, tadpoles, bushes, bamboo, and bananas in the forest.

If hay is available, it is their primary food supply. The bark of the tree, and the roots of the plants are delicious food for them. An elephant can eat grass equal to two-thirds of its weight in a day, but it also eats large amounts of tree bark, roots, leaves, and small stems, but sugarcane is a sweet dish for it. They drink water at least once a day.

What Do Asian Elephants Eat in Captivity?

Their keepers give them cabbage, lettuce, sugar cane, apples, and bananas with other fruits and vegetables. On the other hand, the grass is an integral part of the captive elephant's diet. They consume less food in captivity than wildlife.

They consume only 125 pounds of grass, ten pounds of herb pellets, ten pounds of vegetables, and some trees full of fruit and leaves. They pluck grass from the ground or take leaves from trees with their trunks and deliver food to their mouths. They even drink from their trunks. They suck water with their long nose and then throw it in their mouths.

What Plants Do Asian Elephants Eat?

An elephant may spend more time eating grasses. But it also devours a significant quantity of tree wood, roots, branches, and short stem. Bananas, corn, and sugarcane are some of the most famous examples of Asian elephant food.

What Fruits Do Asian Elephants Eat?

They mostly like to eat apples, carrots, and bananas. If we talk about less common fruits, they eat pineapples, tomatoes, melons, potatoes, beets, and onions. When trees and shrubs are available,  elephants graze on them.

How Much Do Asian Elephants Eat A Day?

Asian elephants may graze for up to 19 hours each day. They can churn out approximately 220 pounds of manure per day. While exploring a territory, they can span up to 200 sq. kilometers.

These Large animals consume large amounts of food up to 660 pounds (300 kg) in a single day.  The young Indian elephant eats about 3,330 pounds (150 kg) a day, while a man eats only four pounds a day. 


They are highly social creatures, forming groups of six or seven. The oldest female heads each group. These individuals, including African elephants, sometimes form large herds, but these alliances are usually short-lived. Their population in Asia is much smaller than the savanna elephant herd in Africa.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where Do Asian Elephants Get Their Food?

Small trees, bushes, grass, fruits, and roots are a delicious meal for elephants. They consume tree bark as medicine. It is full of calcium and helps with digestion.

2. Are Asian Elephants Herbivores?

Elephants in Asia are herbivores that spend about three-quarters of their days traveling and searching for food and water.

3. What Fruits Do Asian Elephants Eat?

Pineapples, melons, celery, parsley, cabbage, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, potatoes, and beets are all popular foods, but these foods are less common in the wild. So in the wild, They mostly graze on trees and shrubs.

4. What Type Of Grass Do Asian Elephants Eat?

Their favorite fast food is savanna grass, which accounts for 30 to 60% of their diet. Unlike tree bark and other grasses, they are tasty and take relatively little effort to eat. Long grass is simple to eat, but they can taste anything ranging from vegetables to fruits.

5. Do Asian Elephants Eat Blueberries?

They don't consume blueberries, but they do eat a mango-like plant. Elephants would not taste the fruit that has fallen to the ground. Instead, they pluck the fruit straight from the tree.

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