Where El Nino will hit hardest as US states brace for 'intense' snowfall

El Nino will bring blizzards and other extreme weather to the US this winter. AccuWeather's 2023-24 winter forecast warns the Northeast of a snowier season.

"It will be colder with more snow for millions of people in major cities, but not everywhere," said AccuWeather meteorologists.

Blizzards are expected in New England as early as December, while the rest of the country should expect a snowy winter. Residents should bring shovels because the biggest snowfall may start this month and last into December in waves.

Alaska's largest city declared a'snow emergency' after two days of record snowfall. El Nino will likely affect Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington differently in winter, according to meteorologists.

Winter is when El Nino hits hardest. Idaho, Oregon, and Washington have milder, drier fall and winters. The event can also increase Alaskan rainfall, especially in the Gulf of Alaska.

However, US Department of Agriculture meteorologists say El Nino simply raises the possibility of certain weather patterns, so they're not assured.The El Nino can also impact agriculture.

Dry spells, wildfires, diminished marine productivity and salmon populations, and shoreline erosion are prevalent in Washington and Oregon during the warming phase.