What Eats Snakes 10 Animals That Eat Snakes

Birds of Prey: Raptors such as eagles, hawks, and owls are known to hunt and consume snakes. Their sharp talons and powerful beaks make them efficient predators of snakes.

Mongoose: Mongooses are small carnivorous mammals known for their agility and ability to hunt snakes.

King Cobra: While snakes themselves, king cobras are known to feed on other snakes, including venomous species.

Monitor Lizards: Monitor lizards, including species like the Komodo dragon, are skilled hunters that feed on a variety of prey, including snakes.

Rattlesnake: Some species of rattlesnakes are known to cannibalize other snakes, including smaller individuals of their own species.

Wild Boar: Wild boars are omnivorous animals known to forage for a wide range of food items, including snakes.

Secretary Bird: Secretary birds are large, terrestrial birds of prey native to Africa. They have long legs and strong feet equipped with sharp talons.

Mongoose Lemurs: Mongoose lemurs, found in Madagascar, have been observed preying on snakes. 

Large Constrictor Snakes: Some large constrictor snakes, such as pythons and boa constrictors, are known to prey on other snakes.

Pigs: Domestic pigs and some wild pig species have been observed consuming snakes. Their omnivorous diet includes various small animals.

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