Top 10 Healthiest Sources  Of Vitamin C

Blackcurrants are small, round, purple-black berries that are tart to the taste. Just one 80g serving provides 200% of your daily vitamin C needs and surprisingly thirty times more vitamin C than blueberries.


Whether eaten raw or cooked, broccoli is a useful source of vitamin C. It can be eaten as crudités or added to a juice or smoothie.


Half a large green pepper will provide around twice your daily vitamin C needs along with vitamins B6, folate and fibre.

Green Pepper

Guavas are a tropical fruit that can be eaten by scooping out the inside or eating it whole without the skin.One guava fruit contains three times your daily vitamin C needs.


A popular ‘super food’, kale contains four times the vitamin C and twice the vitamin E as spinach, and contributes plant compounds, like beta-carotene


A single kiwi contains just over your daily vitamin C needs and they're a good source of vitamin K and fibre.

Kiwi Fruit

A single orange contains all your daily vitamin C needs as well as a good mix of vitamins and minerals including folate, calcium and magnesium.


Half a small papaya will easily provide your vitamin C needs, along with some vitamin A, folate and potassium.


Half a large red pepper contains over twice your daily vitamin C needs, as well as reasonable amounts of vitamins E and K as well as folate and fibre.

Red Pepper

An 80g serving provides all your daily vitamin C needs and is rich in polyphenols - including strawberries in your diet may improve digestion


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