'They Are Not The Same' 10 Big Problems With Modular Homes

Perception and Stigma: Modular homes can carry a stigma or negative perception, being viewed as lower quality than traditional homes, which can affect resale value and appeal.

Limited Customization: While there are various designs, modular homes can be limited in terms of customization compared to stick-built homes

Transportation Limitations: The need to transport modules to the building site can limit size and design options, and transportation costs can be significant.

Potential for Damage During Transport: The modules could be damaged during transit, potentially leading to hidden issues not immediately apparent.

Site and Foundation Requirements: Modular homes require precise foundation alignment, and any discrepancies can cause significant problems during assembly.

Financing Challenges: Some lenders are hesitant to finance modular homes, and there might be additional complexities in the loan process compared to traditional homes.

Resale Value Concerns: Modular homes can sometimes have lower resale values than site-built homes, partly due to public perception.

Zoning and Regulatory Issues: There can be zoning laws and building regulations that restrict or complicate the building of modular homes in certain areas.

Quality Variations: The quality of modular homes can vary significantly depending on the manufacturer, and lower-quality models may not be as durable or well-built as traditional homes.

Assembly and Contractor Issues: Finding a contractor experienced with modular home assembly can be challenging, and poor assembly can lead to various structural and aesthetic issues.

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