The 8 best strength training apps for working out at home or in the gym in 2024

MyFitnessPal: While primarily known for nutrition tracking, MyFitnessPal also offers workout routines, including strength training, making it a versatile app for overall fitness.

Fitbod: Fitbod is tailored to individual fitness levels and available equipment, providing personalized strength training workouts that adapt as you progress.

JEFIT: This app is great for both beginners and experienced lifters, offering detailed exercise libraries and workout programs to suit various goals and preferences.

StrongLifts 5x5: Focused on the 5x5 workout method, StrongLifts guides users through three exercises for three days a week, emphasizing progressive overload to build strength.

Nike Training Club: Offering a wide range of workouts including strength training, Nike Training Club provides high-quality, instructor-led videos for all fitness levels.

Sworkit: Sworkit offers customizable workout plans, including strength training, that can fit into any schedule, making it ideal for those with busy lifestyles.

Freeletics: Known for bodyweight workouts, Freeletics provides effective strength training routines with minimal equipment, making it perfect for home workouts.

BodySpace by This app offers a vast library of strength training routines from professional trainers and athletes, along with social features to keep users motivated.

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