The 10 Prettiest Plants That Grow Underground


Though primarily valued for their edible tubers, potato plants produce attractive flowers above ground.


Carrots are known for their delicious orange roots, but they also produce delicate white flowers above ground, adding beauty to the garden.


Beets have vibrant, edible roots that come in various shades of red, purple, and golden yellow. T


Radishes are fast-growing vegetables with colorful underground roots. Some varieties produce attractive pink, red, or white tubers.

Sweet Potatoes:

Sweet potatoes produce lush vines above ground and delicious tubers below. The foliage adds a lush, tropical look to the garden.


Onions are common culinary plants that also produce attractive flowers above ground. Beneath the soil, their bulbs come in various sizes and colors.


Garlic bulbs are not only flavorful in cooking but also produce clusters of small white flowers above ground, adding visual interest to the garden.


Ginger is a tropical plant prized for its spicy rhizomes. Its lush foliage and colorful flowers make it an attractive addition to shaded gardens.


Turmeric is another tropical plant with underground rhizomes. Its large, vibrant leaves and showy pink flowers.

Jerusalem Artichoke:

Jerusalem artichokes produce tall, sunflower-like blooms above ground and edible tubers below.

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