LSU gymnastics star Olivia Dunne shares simple trait that makes her swoon

Olivia Dunne, a talented gymnast for LSU, will return to competition in less than three months when the Tigers play Ohio State in their first meet of the regular season on January 5.

Dunne continues to amass a sizable social media following on TikTok and Instagram as she gets ready for her last season at LSU. Dunne revealed to her 7.8 million followers in a Friday TikTok video what makes her swoon.

Fortunately, Dunne has discovered Paul Skenes, a minor league player for the Pittsburgh Pirates, who not only loves LSU gymnastics but also supports her. Skenes is a Tigers alumni.

"I've definitely learned over the past few years that, this past year mostly, that keeping certain things private is OK," she said with sadness.

It's strange because at first there were rumors, but I suppose that when people saw us hanging out in public with photos and videos, that's how the word got out. But we make an effort to keep things quiet."

As she approaches her senior year, Dunne claims to have "the best grasp" on balancing her personal life, career, and finances.