Etiquette Experts Reveal The 7 Rudest Things To Do While Hosting Overnight Guests

Not Providing Clean Linens and Towels: Guests should be provided with fresh, clean bedding and towels.

Inadequate Hospitality: Failing to offer basic amenities like a glass of water, snacks, or access to bathroom essentials can be seen as inhospitable. It's important to ensure guests have what they need for a comfortable stay.

Ignoring Dietary Restrictions or Preferences: If your guests have specific dietary needs or restrictions

Lack of Privacy: Not giving your guests enough privacy or personal space can make them feel uncomfortable.

Intrusive or Overbearing Behavior: While it's nice to spend time with guests, being overly intrusive or not allowing them time to themselves can be off-putting.

Failing to Communicate House Rules Clearly: It's important to inform guests of any house rules or expectations upfront to avoid misunderstandings or discomfort during their stay.

Not Preparing Your Home: Your home doesn't need to be spotless, but failing to clean or tidy up before guests arrive can create an unwelcoming atmosphere.

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