9 Paint Colors Designers Wish Would Go Away Forever

Pepto-Bismol Pink: This bright, bubblegum pink can be overwhelming and difficult to incorporate into a sophisticated design scheme.

Neon Shades: Bright neon colors can be jarring and create visual tension in a room.

Beige with Yellow Undertones: Beige isn't problematic on its own, but when it has strong yellow undertones, it can create a dated look.

Hospital Green: A pale, washed-out green with gray undertones can evoke the sterile, impersonal feeling of a hospital.

Flat Gray: While gray can be chic and modern, when it's too flat or industrial without any warm undertones, it can make a space feel lifeless and unwelcoming.

Terracotta Orange: This earthy color was popular in past decades but can now make interiors feel outdated.

Burnt Yellow: Deep, saturated yellows, especially those with a brown or orange cast, can be oppressive and overwhelming in interior spaces, making rooms feel smaller and darker.

Dark Brown: Often used in furniture, when applied to walls, dark brown can significantly darken a room, making it feel smaller and more enclosed. It can also give the space a heavy, dated look.

Mint Green: This pastel shade can sometimes feel too retro, reminiscent of kitchens and bathrooms from the mid-20th century.

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