9 Best Shrubs For Winter Containers


Boxwood's small, dense evergreen leaves maintain their green color throughout the winter, making it a classic choice for winter containers.

Dwarf Alberta Spruce

This compact evergreen spruce has a pleasing pyramidal shape and adds a traditional touch to winter containers.


Holly bushes with glossy green leaves and vivid red berries are classic winter container plants. Seek dwarf or compact types like 'Blue Princess' or 'Nellie R. Stevens.'


Winterberry plants shed their leaves, but their vivid red berries brighten containers. Berry production requires male and female plants.


Heather plants offer vibrant foliage and small, bell-shaped flowers in various colors, making them an attractive choice for winter containers.

Japanese Skimmia

With its glossy evergreen leaves and clusters of red or white berries, Japanese Skimmia adds color and texture to winter containers.


Also known as Andromeda, Pieris has attractive evergreen foliage and pendulous clusters of small, bell-shaped flowers that emerge in late winter.

Witch Hazel

Witch hazel shrubs produce fragrant, spidery flowers in late winter, making them a unique choice for winter containers.

Dwarf Nandina

This evergreen shrub has delicate, lacy foliage and produces clusters of red berries in winter.

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