9  Best Plants For Fence Lines

These evergreen trees and shrubs are excellent for creating a dense, tall, and attractive privacy screen.


Known for their rapid growth, these conifers make great living fences when planted in a row.

Leyland Cypress

Bamboo varieties such as clumping bamboo are excellent for creating a dense, tropical-looking barrier.


Train climbing roses to grow along your fence for a beautiful, fragrant display.

Climbing Roses

These climbing vines come in a variety of colors and can beautifully cover a fence.


Known for its stunning, cascading purple or white flowers, wisteria can be trained along a fence.


These fragrant, fast-growing vines are great for creating a colorful and aromatic fence cover.


These early spring bloomers can be shaped into a dense hedge along your fence.


These evergreen shrubs can be pruned into a neat hedge and provide year-round greenery.


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