8 Types of Homes That Will Plummet in Value in 2024

Homes in Climate-Vulnerable Areas - Properties located in areas prone to wildfires, hurricanes, flooding, or other climate-related risks may see a decrease in value as these events become more frequent and severe.

Outdated Energy-inefficient Homes - With increasing awareness and regulation around energy efficiency, homes that lack modern energy-saving features or have outdated systems may become less desirable, impacting their value.

Homes with Outdated Technology - As smart home technology becomes more integrated into daily life

Large, High-Maintenance Homes - There's a growing trend towards minimalism and efficiency, making large, sprawling homes that require extensive upkeep less attractive to buyers

Properties in Economically Declining Areas - Homes in regions experiencing economic downturns, job losses, or diminishing local services

Homes Near Polluting Industries - As environmental health becomes a more significant concern, properties located near polluting facilities

Single-Use Residential Homes in Mixed-Use Development Areas - As urban planning evolves towards more integrated, mixed-use developments

Homes Without Outdoor Spaces - The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the value of having outdoor private space. Homes without balconies, yards

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