8 Tire Brands to Avoid

Brands with Consistently Poor Reviews: Look for brands that consistently receive poor reviews across multiple platforms and from various consumers, indicating widespread dissatisfaction.

Non-Recognized or Obscure Brands: Some lesser-known brands might not have the same quality control standards or technological advancements as more established ones.

Extremely Low-Cost Tires: While affordability is important, extremely cheap tires can sometimes be a sign of poor quality materials and construction.

Brands with Frequent Recalls: Regular recalls can be a sign of manufacturing issues or lack of quality control.

Tires with Poor Tread Life Ratings: Tires that are known for having a short lifespan or wearing out quickly might not be the best investment.

Brands with Limited Warranty or Guarantee: A lack of a solid warranty or guarantee can be a red flag regarding the quality and durability of the tires.

Tires that Fail to Meet Industry Standards: Tires that do not meet basic industry safety and performance standards should be avoided.

Brands with Poor Performance in Independent Tests: Pay attention to independent tire tests and ratings, such as those from consumer organizations, automotive magazines, or testing agencies.

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