8 Good Things That Come From Working for As Long As You Can

Financial Stability: Continuing to work allows you to save more for retirement, reduces the need to draw down on retirement savings prematurely

Mental Sharpness: Work can provide mental challenges that keep your brain engaged and active.

Social Connections: The workplace is a significant source of social interaction. Continuing to work helps maintain a broad social network, which is vital for mental health.

Physical Activity: Many jobs involve a certain level of physical activity, whether it's walking during commutes, moving around an office, or performing specific job-related tasks.

Sense of Purpose: Work often provides a sense of purpose and identity. Continuing to work can help maintain a strong sense of self-worth and fulfillment

Professional Development: The opportunity for continuous learning and professional growth doesn't end as you age.

Health Benefits: Some employment offers health insurance benefits that may be superior or less expensive than Medicare or private insurance.

Positive Societal Impact: By remaining in the workforce, older workers contribute to the economy and set a positive example for younger generations.

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