8 Appliance Brands to Avoid

Vestel: Known for producing budget-friendly appliances, some users have reported concerns about the longevity and build quality of their products.

Indesit: Customers have sometimes reported issues with the durability and reliability of Indesit appliances, along with difficulties in getting adequate customer service.

Hotpoint: While popular, some models have faced recalls and reliability issues in the past, making consumers cautious.

Electrolux: Certain models, especially washers and dryers, have received mixed reviews regarding their reliability and customer service experiences.

Candy: Known for being budget-friendly, Candy appliances have sometimes been critiqued for their longevity and build quality.

Whirlpool: Although a well-known brand, certain models, especially dishwashers and washing machines, have faced reliability issues and recalls.

Amana: Some users report issues with the durability and performance of Amana appliances, particularly refrigerators and washers.

Beko: While offering affordable options, some Beko appliances have been criticized for their performance and durability over time.

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