7 Waterfalls In Arkansas That Will Make You Fall For The Natural State

Haw Creek Falls

Haw Creek Falls' waters flow from a rocky shelf 8 feet from the base, making it perfect for swimming above or below the gentle cascades.

Sweden Creek Falls

It’s an 81-foot drop from the top of Sweden Creek Falls to the rocky floor below, a rewarding sight after the short hike it takes to get to this watery grotto

Wildman Twin Falls

There are at least four other falls in Arkansas known as “Twin Falls,” but it’s only at Wildman Twin Falls—in Logan County—that the hike down is as thrilling as the view up.

Cedar Falls

Cedar Falls, known as the “prettiest falls in Arkansas,” plunges 95 feet into a vast grotto with native trees and moss-covered rocks each season.

Falling Water Falls

You could spend a weekend exploring Richland Creek Wilderness Area's waterfalls, but Falling Water Creek is the best.

Box Canyon Falls

No one from Arkansas will know what you’re talking about if you ask for directions to “Box Canyon Falls".

Glory Hole Falls

Glory Hole Falls form a rare waterfall that’s more impressive after a rainstorm when it rushes down 31-feet like a shower head.

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