7 U.S. Cities You Should Never Visit If You're Older

Detroit, Michigan: While it has areas of cultural interest, Detroit has struggled with high crime rates and urban blight, which might be concerning for some older travelers.

St. Louis, Missouri: Known for having one of the highest crime rates in the U.S., older visitors may need to be particularly cautious in certain neighborhoods.

New Orleans, Louisiana: While it's a city rich in culture and history, its high crime rates and vulnerability to hurricanes might pose challenges for some older visitors.

Baltimore, Maryland: Baltimore has notable historical and cultural attractions, but it also struggles with high crime rates in certain areas.

Las Vegas, Nevada: The fast-paced, often crowded environment and extreme summer heat can be challenging for older visitors, especially those with health issues.

Miami, Florida: While known for its beaches and vibrant culture, Miami's high humidity and heat can be tough for some seniors, and certain areas have higher crime rates.

Los Angeles, California: The vastness of the city, heavy traffic, and air pollution might be overwhelming for some older travelers, especially those with mobility or respiratory issues.

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