7 Tips On How To Create An Eco-Garden

Companion planting

This technique involves growing different plants next to one another to share mutual benefits. For example, garlic and rose plants is a great pairing as the powerful smells.


You can maximise your garden space by interplanting different crops that work together with their growth cycles


One essential way to create an eco-garden is to add compostto the soil, which will bring important nutrients and microorganisms to the earth.

Keep bees

Bees are crucial pollinators so encourage these fuzzy insects into your garden by avoiding the use of pesticides, having water available in the garden.

Feed the birds

Help the beautiful British birds by providing much-needed food for them all year round.

Have water

A pond in your garden is a great feature for wildlife and will attract frogs and newts. It's a good idea to have a sloping side to allow animals to get in and out.

Use your butt

Boost your eco-friendly credentials by using a butt to collect rain for your plants and lawn. This will reduce tap water waste.

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