13-Year-Old Julia Roome Stuns Judges with Rendition of Sia’s “Unstoppable” on ‘The Voice’

Julia Roome wowed The Voice judges in her Knockout Round Tuesday night with a dramatic performance of Sia's “Unstoppable.” She's 13 and has a room-filling voice. Judges were visibly impressed.

She started and ended the song forcefully, demonstrating her range and ability to belt. She surprised the judges, judging on their reactions. Astonished, Reba McEntire said “Wow” and Gwen Stefani said “Oh my God”.

John Legend and Niall Horan gave her standing ovations and watched with pleasure. Roome lit up the stage with her youthful exuberance and belted hard. 

The judges were captivated by the performance since it was so different from the dance-pop original. Wildish sang the pop anthem with her unique voice, forceful but kind.

Reba McEntire smiled and nodded, thrilled, while Niall Horan closed his eyes and listened. Wildish received standing ovations, and John Legend said, “A performance like that, you can win The Voice.”

Coach Niall faced a difficult choice between the three performers. He chose Wildish as Knockout winner despite Roome and Vanderdoes' great performances.