10 Things You Should Never Do in a Hotel Room

Smoke in a Non-Smoking Room: Besides the health risks, smoking in a non-smoking room can lead to hefty fines due to the cost of cleaning

Steal Items: Taking linens, towels, or other items from the hotel room is theft. While it's acceptable to take small toiletries, anything beyond that could lead to charges on your bill.

Leave Valuables Unsecured: Not securing valuable items can lead to theft or loss. Use the room safe or the hotel's safe deposit box at the front desk for important documents and expensive items.

Disregard the Maximum Occupancy: Overcrowding a room can violate fire codes and hotel policies.

Leave a Mess: While it's the housekeeping staff's job to clean, leaving the room excessively messy is disrespectful

Ignore Security Measures: Failing to use the peephole, deadbolt, or security chain on the door can compromise your safety.

Disrupt Other Guests: Being unreasonably loud or hosting parties in your room can disturb other guests and lead to complaints, or even eviction from the hotel.

Tamper with Smoke Detectors or Safety Devices: Tampering with or disabling smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or other safety devices in the room is dangerous and often illegal.

Cook in the Room (If Not Allowed): Cooking, especially with open flames or high-heat appliances, can be a fire hazard and is often against hotel policy unless you're in a designated kitchenette area.

Invite Strangers into Your Room: For your own safety, avoid inviting people you've just met into your hotel room. Public areas in the hotel are safer places to meet new acquaintances.

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