10 Things Gen Z Does That Boomers Think Are Hilarious

Using TikTok for Everything - Gen Z's reliance on TikTok for news, tutorials, and lifestyle tips can be baffling to Boomers, who might not understand the appeal of learning about complex topics through short videos.

Virtual Hangouts - While Boomers might cherish in-person interactions, Gen Z's comfort with hanging out with friends virtually through gaming or video calls can seem odd or impersonal to them.

Ghosting - The concept of "ghosting," or suddenly stopping all communication with someone without explanation

Meme Culture - Gen Z's way of communicating and making jokes through memes can be confusing to Boomers, who might not always understand the context or humor behind them.

The Gig Economy - While Boomers might be used to the idea of a stable, long-term job, Gen Z's embrace of freelance and gig work as viable career paths can seem risky or unstable to them.

Sustainable and Ethical Consumption - Gen Z's focus on sustainability and ethical consumption, including their preference for thrift shopping and plant-based diets

Esports and Streaming - The idea that watching others play video games could be as entertaining as traditional sports or that it could be a career is often met with amusement or skepticism by Boomers.

Texting Language and Emojis - Gen Z's use of abbreviated text language and reliance on emojis for expression can sometimes lead to humorous misunderstandings with Boomers.

Cancel Culture - The concept of "canceling" individuals or brands for their actions or statements is a social accountability practice that can seem overly punitive or confusing to some Boomers.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality - Gen Z's excitement about VR and AR technologies for entertainment and education might seem like unnecessary or overly complex gadgets to Boomers, who didn't grow up with such advanced technology.

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