10 Surprising Things That Decrease Property Value

Proximity to Certain Businesses: While being close to amenities like grocery stores and parks can increase property value, proximity to certain businesses like liquor stores

Unusual Home Additions: Unique or unconventional home additions, such as overly elaborate landscaping features, swimming pools, or themed rooms

High Property Taxes: Properties in areas with high property taxes may be less desirable to buyers, as they'll have to factor in higher ongoing expenses

Poor School Districts: The quality of nearby schools can significantly impact property value.

Certain Odors: Lingering odors from sources like smoking, pets, cooking, or mold can be a major turnoff for potential buyers and may decrease property value.

Street Names: Believe it or not, the name of the street your property is located on can influence its value.

Proximity to Cell Towers or Power Lines: Properties located near cell towers, power lines

Limited Parking: Lack of adequate parking, especially in urban areas or neighborhoods with limited street parking

Zoning Changes: Changes in zoning regulations that allow for nearby developments or land uses that are incompatible with the neighborhood's character or residents'

Economic Factors: Economic conditions at the local, regional, or national level can impact property values.

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