9 Types of Trash You Can Sell for Cash

Scrap Metal: Copper, aluminum, steel, and other metals can be sold to scrap yards or recycling centers. Prices vary depending on the type of metal and market demand.

Electronics: Old cell phones, computers, and other electronic devices can be sold through various online platforms or to electronic recycling centers that offer cash for old gadgets.

Cardboard and Paper: Large quantities of cardboard boxes and paper can be sold to recycling centers.

Bottles and Cans: In states with a bottle deposit law, you can return glass bottles, cans, and other containers for a refund.

Used Cooking Oil: Restaurants and households that generate a lot of used cooking oil can sell it to companies that recycle it into biodiesel.

Car Batteries and Tires: Auto repair shops and some recycling centers buy old car batteries and tires. Batteries contain lead, which is valuable, and tires can be repurposed.

Ink Cartridges: Used printer ink cartridges can be refilled and sold. Some office supply stores offer cashback or discounts for bringing in empty cartridges.

Books, CDs, DVDs: Secondhand bookstores, music shops, and online platforms buy used books, CDs, and DVDs. While they might not bring in a lot of money individually, in bulk, they can add up.

Clothes and Textiles: Gently used clothing and textiles can be sold to second-hand stores or through online marketplaces. Some recycling centers also buy bulk textiles for recycling or repurposing.

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