10 Gorgeous Varieties That Are Easy To Grow

Catmint, otherwise known as nepeta, is a glorious, hardy perennial. it is definitely one of our best plants for beginners, especially if you love cottage gardens.


Fuchsias are delightful perennial shrubs with elegant flowers reminiscent of ballerinas. The experts at Suttons recommend them as one of the best plants for beginners.


Another recommendation from the experts , African daisies are straightforward to grow and offer many months of flowers.

African Daisy

If you're looking for the best plants for beginners that are bright and cheery, then nasturtiums are one of the jolliest out there.


They offer structural globes of tightly-packed, star-shaped flowers, generally in vivid purple hues (although you can find white varieties too).


Sunflowers (helianthus) are great fun for all the family to grow, and yield impressive results with their show-stopping blooms.


They are simple to grow from seed but you can always opt for plug plants from a garden center instead. Be sure to give them lots of room to grow as they like to spread out.


Fast-growing annuals, these pretty blooms bob elegantly on long stems, their silky petals fluttering in the breeze.


They can be sown straight into the ground from March, in rows around 15cm apart. For the best results, thin them out as they grow.


Mexican orange blossom (choisya) is another brilliant shrub in terms of the best plants for beginners, and smells amazing.

Mexican Orange Blossom

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