10 Genius Phrases To Use Instead of 'I'm Busy,' According to Psychologists

"I'm currently focusing on my priorities." This response respects your time and the requester's understanding, highlighting that you have specific commitments.

"Let's find a time that works for both of us." Suggests openness to engage when you're both available, emphasizing mutual respect for each other's schedules.

"I'm in the middle of something and want to give it my full attention." Shows dedication to your current task and implies you'll extend the same focus to them at a later time.

"Can we reschedule this for later?" Directly asks for a postponement without dismissing the importance of connecting or completing a task.

"I need to keep my schedule light for now, but let's touch base soon." Expresses a temporary need for space while leaving the door open for future interactions.

"I'm dedicating my time to something I can't put off at the moment." Acknowledges that your current engagement is both time-sensitive and important.

"My plate is quite full this week, can we aim for next?" Offers a specific timeframe when you're likely to be more available, providing clarity and a path forward.

"I'm trying to respect my limits, so I have to decline for now." Communicates personal boundaries in a way that can foster respect and understanding.

"Let's plan for a time when I can be fully present." Highlights the desire to be mentally and emotionally engaged during your interaction, rather than distracted or rushed.

"I'm committed to some deadlines, so I'll need to pass this time." Shows that your inability to participate is not due to disinterest but rather prior commitments.

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