10 Butterfly Flowers to Grow From Seed

Butterfly Weed:

This perennial plant produces clusters of bright orange or yellow flowers that attract butterflies, especially monarchs.

Purple Coneflower:

Purple coneflower is a hardy perennial with striking purple petals and a spiky orange-brown center. 


Zinnias are annual flowers that come in a wide range of colors, including vibrant pinks, oranges, yellows, and reds.


Cosmos is an annual flower with delicate, daisy-like blooms in shades of pink, white, and purple.


Lantana is a heat-tolerant perennial shrub that produces clusters of tiny flowers in shades of red, orange, yellow, and pink.

Black-eyed Susan:

Black-eyed Susan is a cheerful perennial flower with bright yellow petals and a dark brown center.


Another variety of milkweed, this perennial plant produces clusters of pink or white flowers that attract butterflies, including monarchs.


They attract butterflies and other pollinators and can be grown from seed in full sun to partial shade.


Verbena is a tall, airy perennial with clusters of tiny purple flowers that butterflies love.

Joe Pye Weed:

Joe Pye weed is a tall perennial plant with clusters of pink or purple flowers that attract butterflies and bees.

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