10 Above The Bed Decor Ideas That Will Fill That Negative Space Instantly

Wall Art

Elevate your bedroom with a large painting or gallery wall. Personalize it with favorite artwork or photos.

Floating Shelves

Install shelves above the bed for decor, books, or plants. Create asymmetry for a dynamic look.


Reflect light and add style with a decorative mirror. Choose a frame that complements your decor.


Hang colorful textiles for a pop of texture and style, reflecting your unique taste.

Canopy Or Crown Molding

Add romance with a canopy or elegance with decorative crown molding.

String Lights

Create a cozy ambiance with string or fairy lights. Opt for warm white or soft colors.

Wallpaper Or Decals

Applying wallpaper with an eye-catching pattern or texture above the bed can serve as an accent wall.

Oversized Letters

Using oversized letters or metal wall art, you can spell out meaningful words, your initials, or inspirational quotes.

Woven Wall Baskets

Arranging a collection of woven baskets or decorative plates on the wall above your bed can add dimension and a touch of bohemian charm to your space.

Floral Arrangements

Hanging artificial greenery or floral arrangements above the bed brings a natural and refreshing element to your bedroom decor.

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