How To Attract Foxes To Your Yard, Garden, Or Property? - How Do You Get A Fox To Come To You?

Updated: 14 Sep 2021


Fox in property

It is a commonly asked question, how to attract foxes? If you want to attract foxes to your yard, spread the foxes' natural diet as closely as possible. Leave out prepared or raw meat, canned dog food, or mainly prepared fox food like Wild Things, as this primarily refers to animal protein. Treats like cheese, apples, and unsalted peanuts will also make your foxes happy.

Foxes have a terrible image but are mostly benign and quite good-looking animals. The capacity to adapt to changing circumstances, rather than their fabled cleverness, has allowed them to coexist with humans. As a result, whether you're in the tranquil countryside or the busy city center, you may now see foxes. In the article, we will discuss: How to attract a fox to your garden, yard, or property?

How To Attract Foxes To Your Yard, Garden, Or Property?

If you like to attract foxes to your property, yard, or garden, using food to draw them in is the ideal strategy. Foxes are first and foremost hunters. Although you can place bait outdoor at any time of year, fox sightings are more common in the winter when food supplies are scarcer. In addition to this, the aroma of food will entice them.

You may soon be able to take pleasure in sightings of these timid animals if foxes are present in your area and the conditions in your yard are suitable.

The most typical foxes you will probably draw are red or grey foxes, which may be found throughout North America. You could see an arctic fox if you reside in a state in the north. The adorable kit fox, which lives in arid regions, is the tiniest of all foxes.

Remember that feeding a pet is not the same as occasionally luring a fox to your yard with treats. Instead, create an appropriate environment for the animal, but do it sustainably so that it may live without relying on humans to feed it.

Use Strong-Smelling Food:

By leaving out tiny amounts of food with a strong smell, you can entice foxes to migrate into an area of your yard that would be a suitable home for them in terms of natural food supplies, safety, and shelter.

Foxes consume a range of foods, including eggs and berries, but you will need something that has a solid scent first to draw them in. For example, try using canned dog food or cat food with meat or fish flavors to attract a fox.

Start Providing A Small Bait In The Winter:

A fox must use all its survival strategies to survive in the winter. Foxes now have to rely on their extraordinary scavenging and hunting abilities to locate prey like rats that they can hear even beneath a covering of snow because the long summer days of trees with ample fruit are gone.

So now is the ideal moment to place a little piece of bait that will tempt foxes to pass through your yard during this chilly weather. Remember that feeding the animals a full supper will cause them to become dependent on you, so refrain from doing so.

Reduce The Sound:

Foxes are lovely contributions to the environment because they often don't cause problems. However, noise and a lot of human activity can easily scare them away.

Become conscious of the sounds from your house if you want to draw foxes to your yard. For example, a loud video, jiggly porch bells, or barking dogs are all likely to startle foxes with keen hearing.

Make Enticement/Lure Available:

Foxes need to feel secure in your yard for them to come around. So, despite their great digging and leaping abilities, they are less inclined to venture into areas where they may become stuck.

Make sure the foxes in your neighborhood have a clear path to escape if something frightens them when you place your modest food offering to lure them. If they can quickly get the food you put out, they are more inclined to inspect it.

Make A Compost Pile:

It would be best if you made an effort to get foxes to your yard by attracting their natural prey, particularly rodents. Foxes will probably turn your neat, sanitary compost pile into a decent hunting field if you place it in a tranquil, peripheral region far from your house.

Be cautious about adding organic scraps that decompose into rich compost since a compost pile and a rubbish area are different. Compost mounds should contain spaces with low edges to prevent waste from being dispersed across your yard.

Shrubs To Provide Cover:

Because foxes are not typically creatures that stroll about brazenly in the open, seeing one is rare. They frequently hide in dense vegetation and only emerge when it is calm, and they feel comfortable.

By cultivating low-growing bushes, especially around the perimeter, you might make your property more appealing to foxes. In addition, this will offer a few locations for visiting foxes to hide while exploring the area.

Grow Fruit Trees:

Creating a habitat where foxes may live independently of people is essential to sustainably attracting them. Planting fruit trees is one of the most acceptable ways to do this.

Foxes are omnivorous scavengers and will happily eat fruit that has fallen on the ground. However, it's interesting to note that gray foxes have evolved the capacity to climb trees, a unique talent that enables them to hunt for bird eggs and chicks in trees.

Offer A Place For Burrows:

Providing foxes with refuge in your yard is an excellent method to get them there. Foxes create underground tunnels or seek protected areas like beneath downed trees or heaps of wood.

If you are attracting foxes to your yard, always prevent them from getting too close to your home. Foxes occasionally use wooden decks as a refuge or even places to have babies.

To Entice Foxes, Provide Water:

A dependable water supply will be very helpful in getting foxes and other animals to visit your yard. Also, if you don't live near a pond or stream, you will undoubtedly see more wildlife if you make one because animals prefer to cluster around water sources. A little pond in your yard is a great technique to draw foxes if you have the room.

Maintain Bird Feeders:

In areas of your yard where you want foxes to assemble, hang bird feeders. Any fall seeds can provide these little creatures with a wholesome sustenance supply.

Seeds that fall to the ground can draw birds, but they can also attract mice and other tiny animals. The foxes that prey on them will come in as a result.

If you want to draw foxes to your yard, do not put seed bird feeders near your porch. Always remember that foxes and other wildlife shouldn't be encouraged to approach people up close; instead, you should only try to admire these majestic animals from a distance.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Get A Fox To Come To You?

Preparing food for any fox that comes to your home frequently may be easier to meet it. But, unfortunately, they'll be drawn to your yard by this and keep returning. Fruits and vegetables are tasty to foxes.

2. What Things Attract Foxes?

Even though foxes are known for being opportunistic eaters that would consume everything, they take more food in a new environment. Foxes prefer strong-smelling or delightful meals.

3. What Scents Attract Foxes?

Foxes prefer strong-smelling or lovely meals, including fresh or canned fish, poultry, beef, and vegetables.

4. What Is The Best Bait For Foxes?

According to fox baiting advice, the ideal bait for foxes is fish, fishy-smelling cat food, pork, or other meat.

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