How Much Does A Tiger Weigh In Pounds And Kilograms? - What Is The Heaviest Tiger Ever Recorded?

Updated: 19 Apr 2021


how much does a tiger weigh

How much does a Tiger weigh? We all admire tigers because of their size and beauty. They are the giant cats on the planet in terms of size. They are the most significant and heaviest wild cats on the planet. You might be wondering, "How Much Does a Tiger Weigh," as they are the most severe cats.

We have compiled comprehensive data on "Tiger Weight" to provide a clear picture of the tiger's size. You'll also learn about the weights of the male and female tigers, the masses of the baby and infant tigers, the heaviest tiger ever, and the bodyweight of the numerous tiger species.

How Much Does A Tiger Weigh?

A grownup tiger's average weight ranges from 60 to 300 kilograms. The mass of a tiger in pounds varies from 140 to 680 pounds.

There are various types of tigers worldwide, and I'll list them below and their approximate weights. If you're wondering "how much do tigers weigh," the answer is that it depends on the TYPE of tiger! Each breed is distinct, with varied weights and characteristics. Remember that some tigers may be discovered outside of these "typical" ranges! These are estimations based on the tigers experts have found in the wild.

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How Much Does A Tiger Weigh In Pounds?

Tigers may grow to be six to ten feet long and weigh between 220 and 660 pounds. Males of the continental tiger subspecies may reach up to 660 pounds. Males of the Sumatra tiger, a lesser subspecies, may weigh up to 310 pounds.

The word "big cat" is most commonly used to denote the four main varieties of large cats: tigers, leopards, pumas, and panthers, and it usually refers to creatures in the genus Panthera. Big cats may grow to be over 1,000 pounds and consume up to half their overall mass in a single day.

How Much Does A Tiger Weigh In Kg?

Adult tigers weigh 140 to 675 pounds (60-300 kilograms). If people and tigers were compared, a tiger could weigh as much as four fully grown human adults. Female tigers are lighter than male tigers. Male tigers weigh between 195 and 675 pounds (85-300 kg).

How Much Does A Tiger Weigh At Birth?

Tiger babies are born blind and utterly reliant on their mothers for survival. When they are born, tiger pups weigh between 780 and 1,600 grams (1.70 to 3.25 lb). The eyes of the tiger infants will open between seven to twelve days. However, they will not have whole eyesight for a few weeks.

How Much Does A Female Tiger Weigh?

Bengal tigers are 8 to 10 feet long and weigh between 440 and 650 pounds. Female Bengal tigers range from 8 to almost 9 feet tall and weigh between 220 and 400 pounds. Their coat has a bright orange color.

How Much Does A Male Tiger Weigh?

All Asian cats are dwarfed by tigers, the biggest of them all. Tigers may grow to be six to ten feet long and weigh between 215 and 660 pounds. The continental tiger, a large type of male, may weigh up to 660 pounds. The Sunda Tiger, a lesser subspecies, has a male that may weigh up to 310 pounds.

How Much Does A Bengal Tiger Weigh?

A mature male Bengal tiger weighs around 215 kg (4850 pounds). An adult female Bengal tiger weighs about 140 kilograms or 309 pounds.

How Much Does A Siberian Tiger Weigh?

The Siberian tiger, a variety of the tiger, is the world's giant cat. It's around 3.1 m (11 ft.) long on regular. In adult males, Siberian tigers may weigh up to 318 kg (700 pounds.), while females are much smaller, reaching up to 180 kilograms (400 lb.).

How Much Does A White Tiger Weigh?

White tigers may weigh up to 260 pounds, slightly more than two giant pandas combined. They may reach lengths of more than ten feet. A white tiger stands between 80 and 110 cm tall at the shoulder.

How Much Does A Full-Grown Tiger Weigh?

An adult, mature, fully grown tiger may reach 600 pounds in weight. The average adult African tiger weighs less than 500 pounds. A tiger is almost 20% larger than a tiger.

How Much Does A Sumatran Tigers Weigh?

The Sumatran tiger is the tinniest and darkest breed of tiger and is more masculine than other sub-breeds. Males can reach 120 kg and 8 feet in length from head to tail, compared to females, who weigh an average of 91 kg and stand 7 feet tall.

How Much Does A Malayan Tiger Weigh?

Malayan tigers have an aggregate weight of 118 kilograms for males and 100 kilograms for females. From head to tail, they may reach a length of 7.5 to 9 feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Heaviest Tiger Ever Recorded?

The enormous tiger ever held in captivity was a Siberian male called Jaipur, who belonged to American wildlife trainer Joan Byron Marek. Jaipur reached up to 420 kg and measured 3.31m (10 ft 10 in) from nose to tail tip when he was nine years old in 1986.

2. What Is The Most Significant And Most Muscular Tiger?

Amur tigers are the giant tiger subspecies, sometimes known as Siberian tigers. Males may reach a length of 10.5 feet (3.3 meters) and a weight of 660 pounds (300 kilograms).

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