How Much Do Tigers Eat In A Day In the Wild And Captivity? - How Much Do White Tigers Eat?

Updated: 05 Mar 2021


how much do tigers eat

It is the most commonly asked question, how much do tigers eat? 

After reading the article, I assure you, you will learn how much tigers can eat a day and how often tigers eat. Next, we will describe: how much a tiger eats in the wild and in captivity in detail.

Tigers in nature may eat up to a hundred pounds in one session and fast for several days. However, tigers in captivity consume far less due to their sedentary habits, which consume fewer calories (Hines). As a result, when fed five times a week, captive tigers can devour 9-18 pounds of meat (4 to 6 percent of their total weight).

According to numerous field surveys, grown wild tigers devour between 10 and 25 pounds of prey every day (4-7 percent of their body weight). Tigers in the wild may eat up to a hundred pounds in one sitting and fast for many days.

How Much Do Tigers Eat In A Day?

An adult tiger consumes between 18 and 27 kilograms (40 – 60 pounds) of food every night. Sometimes a male tiger can consume 35 kg of meat (77 lbs) in one night, while a tigress can eat 30 kg of meat (an adult chital).
It can take the Tigers a day from mid-morning to early morning to complete this meal. Once in two days, a tiger and two cubs can eat 102 kg (225 lb) of meat (17 kg per animal per day). At the same time, four tigers can devour a huge buffalo and an adult cow in six days.

To survive in the harsh cold weather, an adult must consume around 9 kg of food every day. However, they can consume up to 50 kilograms of meat in a single sitting, equating to almost 400 burgers!!

How Much Do Tigers Eat In Captivity?

Tigers hunt once a week and may eat up to 70 pounds (32 kilograms) of meat every night. Tigers in the zoo consume ground beef, with enrichment items added to their diet weekly.

How Much Do Tigers Eat In The Wild?

At any given moment, tigers may devour up to 40 kg (88 lbs.) of flesh. In addition, every tiger can eat roughly 50 deer-sized animals yearly.

Elk, deer, wild boar, lynx, and bear are among the tiger's preferred meals; wild boar accounts for more than half of its diet. When more extensive food is limited, they will consume fish, rabbits, and small rodents. To survive the cold temperature, an adult tiger can consume around 9 kg of food daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Do White Tigers Eat?

Sadly there are no white tigers in the wild nowadays. They may devour up to 42 pounds (19 kg) of meat in one sitting. White tigers in captivity consume chicken, horse meat, or kangaroo meat.

2. How Much Do Siberian Tigers Eat?

An adult Siberian tiger consumes around 8 kg of food every day. However, they can consume up to 50 kilograms of meat daily. Their hunting grounds are 1,000 square kilometres large, and they cover large distances to find their prey.

3. How Much Do South China Tigers Eat?

Because of the tiger's hunting tactics and prey access, they can consume 18–40 kg (40–88 lb) of flesh at a time. After eating such an enormous feast, they may starve for days.

4. How Much Do Sumatran Tigers Eat?

Despite their weight and strength, only 10% of tiger chases are effective. Because of this, on average, Sumatran tigers have a substantial meal weekly.

5. How Much Do Bengal Tigers Eat?

A Bengal tiger in the wild may consume up to 80 pounds of meat every night. They usually go without food for several days since just one out of every 20 hunts is successful. A Bengal tiger needs roughly 5,500 pounds of meat annually to keep it alive.

6. How Much Do Pet Tigers Eat A Day?

A tiger's feeding requirements vary depending on gender and age, although an adult tiger may devour up to 88 pounds of meat at a time. Sheep, zebra, buffalo, rabbit, and fish are the best prey for a tiger.

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