How Intelligent Are Horses? - Are Horses Smarter Than Cows? - Are Horses Smarter Than Pigs?

Updated: 05 Oct 2021



How intelligent are horses? Horses are intelligent creatures. Scientists discovered using modern testing procedures that horses could recall complicated sequences and patterns and interpret audible signals. Horses have an incredible amount of natural wisdom that many people fail to recognize.

Intelligence is understanding things and remembering them. Let's examine the horse's intellect under this assumption.

How Intelligent Are Horses?

Horses are ingenious animals. In 2018, researchers at the Universities of Sussex and Portsmouth showed that horses could understand people's facial expressions and inner states. During the research, the horses were shown 24 pictures of people with different temperaments, including anger and joy.

The findings revealed that horses' heart rates rose when shown an image of an unhappy man. When the horses were shown pictures of angry humans, their heartbeat increased, indicating that they could understand the people in the picture and their emotions. After being shown the images for a while, the horses were surprised to remember the people and their facial expressions.

According to the study, horses are emotional creatures and remember impressions. Every rider and horse trainer should keep this in mind while riding a horse, as it can affect the long-term relationship between a horse and a human.

How Intelligent Are Horses Compared To Dogs?

Horses are frequently likened to dogs and cats in terms of intellect, but this doesn't seem right. Cats and dogs are carnivores. Therefore their talents will be significantly different from horses'.

Dr Robert M. Miller says horses learn things quickly while dogs can solve problems well. According to some experts, dogs are more sincere in helping and protecting humans than horses. The sheepdog is one illustration of this.

How Intelligent Are Horses Compared To Humans?

When a horse's intelligence is compared to humans, experts say that the cleverness of a horse is like that of a three-year-old human child. Most animals can also identify themselves in the mirror, sense genuine feelings, and learn sophisticated tricks or directions.

How Intelligent Are Horses Compared To Other Animals?

The fact is that the intellect of all animals is incomparable because it varies from animal to animal. For example, if intelligence is measured by the capacity to climb a tree, the monkey will score highly high while the elephant will score very low; hence, comparing intellect across species makes little sense. 

Are Some Horses More Intelligent Than Other Horses?

A research study suggests that particular horse types are wiser than others. Professional horse trainers think that each horse's intelligence should be measured individually. Racehorses and Arabian horses are two species that appear to be at the peak of the intellectual scale.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Horses Smarter Than Pigs?

No, horses are not smarter than pigs. Pigs are the wisest animals even though they are more intelligent than cats and dogs. It's a simple matter to transport a group of horses into a trailer. They like to follow blindly. Suppose you attempt to fill a trailer with pigs. So, they would hesitate to get on the trailer because they know what will happen to them., even though horses do not think in this manner.

2. Are Horses More Smarter Than Cows?

According to new research, the horse has an intellectual advantage over the cow due to four things:

  • Brain Structure
  • Attitude
  • Willingness To Understand
  • Attraction To People

So, we can say that horses are more intelligent than cows.

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