How Do Giraffes Fight With Eachother For Dominance? - Do Giraffes Fight With Their Necks?

Updated: 03 Jun 2022


How do giraffes fight? Watching giraffes fight is a rare occurrence, but when you look closely at their encounters, it is clear that it is much more complicated than we see.

Giraffes rarely engage in fair and dignified fighting with each other and do not intend to injure each other. No injuries occur when giraffes fight with each other.

how do giraffes fight

How Do Giraffes Fight?

When two giraffes start an aggressive fight, they first punch each other with the force of their big necks. They can strike each other with their ossicones - small horn-like knobs on their heads.

When you see males with broken horns, they result from the same fight or the bare skin on their backs, which is a sign of giraffe injuries during the fight. When male giraffes fight each other for females, they fight aggressively. They fight each other well and even get injured, and they try to fight each other to the last until one of them gives up.

During the fighting, males make similar movements. When they stand against each other, their necks sway, and they hit each other with their horns, but this process is much softer, and its purpose is only to exercise.

It has been observed that male giraffes often choose fighting giraffes that are similar in size to theirs. Close to you in age and size. You gain good practice skills when you fight someone close to you in age and size.

How Do Giraffes Fight Each Other?

Jessica Granville says giraffes don't fight much. But when older adult males begin to fight for territorial or mating rights, their horny couples can forcefully cut and injure the flesh of their enemies with the force of their long necks. Sometimes they can kill the opponent.

But some forms of giraffe fighting serve other purposes. Granweiler and his colleagues have discovered quarrelsome behavior that helps giraffes establish a social classification. He said that the animals do not take advantage of the small members of their herd but practice their long and strong necks with males of the same height to look suitable or respectable even for human beings. He revealed that such findings could help protect the dwindling animal population.

How Do Giraffes Fight Off Predators?

Sometimes female giraffes can use their necks to repel predators, but they often use their legs and feet to defend themselves. But male giraffes mostly use their necks as a weapon to ward off predators.

In addition to humans, lions sometimes prey on giraffes. But giraffes defend themselves with a deadly kick. Their speed, movement, and body design also help them avoid predators if they need to.

How Do Giraffes Fight Lions?

Giraffes use their incredibly powerful legs to protect themselves from predators and fight them, and they can also use their strong necks and strong horns to hit enemies. Giraffes can sit, but they usually do not prefer to sit because of the danger of predators. Giraffes can't jump. Giraffes can kill a predator by kicking in any direction and manner. A giraffe's powerful kick is enough to kill an animal like a lion.

How Do Giraffes Fight For Dominance?

One thing that is known about giraffes is that they are very polite and decent animals. But they can also be very cruel and dangerous. In fierce and deadly battles, male giraffes compete for dominance by strengthening their legs and twisting their necks. They strike each other with strong ossicones on their heads like hammers and can injure each other severely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Giraffes Fight With Their Necks?

When adult giraffes battle over territory or mating rights, they utilize their long necks and horns, which may shred the flesh of their opponents, hurt, and even kill them.

Do Giraffes Break Their Necks When They Fight?

Male giraffes are known to take part in tough competitions for the love of women. They stand side by side, pushing each other to see who is the strongest, but if they break their necks, they usually die.

How Powerful Is A Giraffe Kick?

The giraffe's kick power is up to 2,000 pounds per square inch (PSI), which is more than a powerful horse kick, and much more powerful than a kangaroo kick, producing only 850 PSI.

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