Can Giraffes Lay Down?

Updated: 05 Aug 2022


can giraffes lay down

It is a commonly asked question, can giraffes lay down?

Researchers previously thought that giraffes rested standing up, but recent research has shown that giraffes lie down more often than previously thought.

While lying down, they tuck their legs beneath their bodies but typically maintain a high neck. In this prone position, giraffes have been seen to carry on browsing and ruminating.

Giraffes do not rest long in the lying position in the wild. Giraffes sleep by placing their head on their rump while lying down; this resting interval does not exceed 5 minutes. Since giraffes are highly vulnerable in this position and at the risk of predators, they keep one eye open.

Most people also ask, Do giraffes lay down to give birth? No, it is not valid. Giraffe mothers give birth while standing due to the enormous size of their children to protect their newborns' long necks.

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