Can Elephants Cry From Emotions With Tears When Sad? - Do Elephants Feel Sadness?

Updated: 22 Sep 2021


elephant crying

Do you want to know, can elephants cry?

After reading the article, I assure you that you will have come to know: can elephants weep. We will describe the facts of elephants crying and how elephants show their sadness.

No, elephants can not cry to express their emotions. These creatures are unable to scream out in sorrow. Their tears are unrelated to the feeling they are experiencing. Therefore, tears are more likely a collected liquid to shield the eyes from external objects.

When we see tears in elephants' eyes, we want to know: do elephants cry. Scientific evidence suggests that this nonhuman species can express many emotions. For example, elephants are famous for feeling grief after losing loved ones, experiencing sadness upon being rejected, etc. They don't feel embarrassed to communicate their anxiety or even sorrow. 

Can Elephants Cry From Emotions With Tears When Sad? 

No scientific proof exists that elephants cry to express their sadness and emotions with tears. While this may at first appear to be emotional "weeping," it just results from elephants losing the typical mammalian structures that drain extra moisture from their eyes; elephants are physiologically incapable of producing emotional tears in the absence of a proper lacrimal system. However, the liquid in the corners of elephants' eyes gives the impression that they are crying.

It is a known truth that only humans can cry out of emotion. Elephants weep due to adaption during their ancestors' prehistoric epoch. Elephants use other glands in their eyes to create the same fluid; this liquid preserves their eyes' moisture.

Additionally, these species have a fluid-producing gland on their third eyelid, much like any other mammal. However, the mucous content gives their tear a remarkable consistency.

Can Elephants Cry With Tears?

It is a universal truth that elephants do not cry tears and do not show their emotions with tears. According to experts, only humans as a social species have emotional tears. So there is only a possibility that humans can cry emotionally.

Can Elephants Cry When Sad?

According to research, elephants have emotions comparable to humans. For example, they can feel joy, happiness, love, resentment, grief, compassion, and suffering.

Elephants are the only animals in the animal kingdom to experience such pain and grief. However, elephants do not show grief by crying; instead, elephants can produce tears but only use them to lubricate their eyes. Therefore, they don't shed sad-emotion-related tears.

Can Elephants Cry From Emotion?

Elephants are the most significant animal and a highly expressive species. Elephants are among the creatures with the highest levels of feeling and emotion.

There is no denying that elephants have strong emotions that may be comparable to human emotions. These animals display to delight and contentment when they are around their loved ones, such as family and friends. They frequently interact with friends to express this mood.

Elephants are renowned for showing their calf maternal affection. There is nothing better than the love they feel for their children.

The usual way that female elephants express this passion is by having their calf walk after them. The maternal instinct of this mammal ensures that its calf is secure from any potential predators and shielded from the sun's heat.

In addition to those, these enormous creatures also experience tension, sadness, and wrath. Elephants even reflect on and express grief over the deaths of loved ones.

They typically stand close to the remains and may touch and sniff.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to quantify an elephant's feelings directly despite this behavior. Therefore, we can not say that elephants can fully express their feelings by weeping and crying.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Elephants Feel Sadness?

According to studies, elephants, particularly female elephants, go through a sorrowful time. For example, losing a loved one is typically thought to cause these elephants' sadness. In addition, a mother elephant could experience sadness due to the loss of its calf.

They would often approach their deceased loved ones at times of distress, halt, and caress them through their feet or trunk. Some elephants would assemble in groups as if they were having a funeral to express their sadness.

In other situations, we can see the elephant's grief in its behavior. For example, an elephant's eyes are sunken and sagging when sad.

2. Do Elephants Have Emotions?

The world's biggest land mammal, the elephant, is among the most flamboyantly expressive animals. The best emotions, such as joy, wrath, sadness, compassion, and love, are contained inside these massive masses. Years of study have revealed that elephants are capable of sophisticated intellect and intense emotion.

3. Do Elephants Have Tear Ducts?

According to scientists, elephants don't generate tears because they don't have tear ducts. Instead, the tear duct serves as a drain, removing the produced fluid from the eyes that clear away debris.

Elephants have a nictitating membrane, or third eyelid, which protects their eyes from muck or dust. These animals lack not just tear ducts but any component of the conventional mammalian lacrimal system.

Elephants don't have the drainage tubes as most animals do to wick the moisture away, which is the primary reason they appear to be "weeping."

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