Best Dogs for Retirees: 18 Dogs For Seniors to Adopt

Updated: 15 Aug 2023


best dogs for retirees

If you are a senior citizen and are looking for the best dogs for retirees, then you are on the right blog.

Retirement is a special time when we can do fun things and have more freedom. A great thing to do during this time is to bring a pet into your home.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best dogs for seniors to adopt, offering the right balance of affection, energy, and companionship.

Best Dogs For Retirees

Below is a list of dogs that are best suited for retirees and do not disturb their free lives.

  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Beagle
  • Yorkie
  • Boston Terriers 
  • Havanese
  • Mini schnauzers 
  • Pug
  • West Highland White Terrier
  • Shih Tzu 
  • Poodle
  • Pomeranian
  • Greyhound
  • Maltese
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  • French Bulldog
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Bichon Frize

Cocker Spaniel

best dog breeds for seniors and retirees

This type of dog is very cheerful and friendly. He enjoys playing and taking walks. It is smart and likes to be busy, but it will calm down if you take it for a walk and play with it.

This dog needs a lot of brushing to keep its fur nice and smooth. Avoiding danger is good in a way, but sometimes it's better to bark at a stranger than befriend them.


best small dog breeds for seniors and retirees

If you are a senior who still likes to do a lot of things, a beagle dog would be a good companion for you. They are not too big and are full of energy.

They love to walk, but sometimes they want to chase squirrels or other small animals they see. Beagles are happy, smart, and really love their owners.

They have short fur that is easy to brush, but they do shed a bit and need regular brushing. And they will always be really happy when they see their master's grandson.


best dog breeds for retirees

A Yorkie is a little dog with a huge personality. They are cheerful, loving, and sometimes a bit stubborn. They like to walk or play.

But they also like to relax and be close to their favorite people. They don't shed a lot of fur around the house, but their long, smooth fur needs brushing every day to keep it looking good.

They are good at protecting their home, but they can sometimes be very noisy and bark.

Boston Terriers 

best dogs for seniors and retirees

Boston Terriers always look fancy, but they are actually very laid-back and love to be with their family.

They have lots of energy and love to play, but they don't need to be very active. Their fur is short and does not shed much, so they are easy to care for. Just brush them every two weeks.


dogs for retirees

Havanese are small dogs weighing less than 13 pounds. They are really friendly and love to be around people, especially seniors who stay at home a lot.

These dogs are really smart and love to play. They can learn tricks easily and are good at protecting their home, but they don't bark much. The only thing is that they need to be brushed regularly to keep their fur nice and smooth.

Mini schnauzers 

best dog breed for retirees

Mini Schnauzers are an easy breed of dog to care for. They don't shed a lot and don't need grooming as often.

They have low weight and you can easily take them outside. They live a long time, usually around 12 years. They are very excited and love to play with the ball. They are a good choice for older people who like to be active.


best dog breeds for retirees and seniors

This type of dog is a good match for someone who has the same amount of energy. They are very affectionate with their owners and enjoy sitting on their laps or giving them kisses.

They can be really excited sometimes, but they don't need long walks to be happy. However, they may have difficulty breathing and may be overweight.

Being overweight can lead to breathing problems and other health problems, so it is important to feed them a healthy diet.

West Highland White Terrier

good dogs breeds for retirees

Westies are good companions and easy to care for. They are smaller than Pomeranians or Maltese and are not as delicate. Westies need some grooming, but not as much as other dogs. They are friendly and do not require much attention.

Shih Tzu

best large dog breeds for retirees

Shih Tzus are small dogs, and many people love them. It weighs between 9 and 16 pounds, which means it's not too heavy.

Although Shih Tzus can be a bit stubborn at times, they can learn things easily. It is important for them to go for walks every day and be groomed regularly. Shih Tzus can sometimes have problems with their skin and a condition called brachycephalic syndrome.


best large dog breeds for seniors and retirees

The poodle is a really smart and cute dog. It comes in three sizes: very small, medium, and large. Poodles are very loyal and loving pets.

They can learn things quickly and fit into any type of home. They need a simple walk every day. Poodles should visit a specialized groomer a few times a year, but other than that, they are very easy to care for.


good dogs for retirees

If you want a smaller dog, a Pom weighing between 3 and 7 pounds is a good choice. They are friendly and make great companions. Your pom will enjoy snuggling on your lap and playing with toys. Most importantly, they will love being with you.


low key dogs for retirees

Although greyhounds are famous for racing, they are actually quite calm and like to relax with their owners. They sometimes enjoy walking and running, but they are mostly lazy.

They are also easy to train and handle, even though they are large dogs. So, if you want a large dog but are concerned about handling them, a greyhound can be a good choice.


low key dog breeds for retirees

The Maltese is a small, fluffy dog similar to the Bichon. It likes to sit on its owner's lap and go for short walks. It needs to be prepared regularly by a professional. Maltese is also easy to teach and weighs only a few pounds, so it's easy to carry around in a backpack.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

good dog for retirees

If you want a small or medium-sized dog that will be a good companion, the Corgi may be a good choice. They weigh about 24 to 30 pounds, so they're not too heavy for most people.

Corgis are smart and easy to teach tricks. They are really cute, even with their little legs. Corgis were originally bred to herd animals, so they need regular exercise, but just a walk every day is enough. Another good thing is that corgis do not require a lot of grooming.

French Bulldog

good dog breeds for retirees

Happy French Bulldogs are so good at making people happy that it's really hard to feel sad when they're around. They are very loving and friendly dogs. They are not very big, but they are strong and like to be active.

They need some exercise every day, but not too much. Caring for their fur is not too difficult, but they can have some health problems, such as breathing problems and skin problems.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

best small dogs for retirees

The Cavalier is an adorable dog who loves to cuddle with its owner. It is a small dog that weighs about 11 to 18 pounds and is easy to care for and train.

They need to have their ears brushed and cleaned regularly, and sometimes they may need to visit a special dog hair salon. People living in apartments really like Cavaliers because they make great friends.

Bichon Frize

best dog for retirees companion

The Bichon Frize is a small and fast dog that is very friendly and loves to be with people. It weighs about 7 to 12 pounds, so it's easy to pick up and carry. It is also not difficult to teach this dog new things.

Sometimes it needs a little grooming, but it doesn't require a lot of other maintenance. Some people take their Bichon Frize to a specialist who knows how to groom it every couple of months.

As long as the Bichon Frize gets a little play and exercise every day and has someone with it, it will be happy and healthy.

Best Small Dogs for Retirees

Shih Tzu

This dog breed is very friendly and gets along well with older people. Shih Tzu dogs are small, friendly, and gentle, so they are safe to play with children, friends, and other pets.

They quickly become close friends with their human owners. Although they are small, they have a big personality and a lot of love to give their owner.

Bichon Frize

These types of dogs are small and do not weigh much, which makes them easy to care for. Bichon Frize dogs are happy and love to be around people. They are very kind and perfect for elderly people and visitors.

West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier, also known as a "Westie", is a dog that is really good for older people because they are very gentle. These little dogs love their owners very much and will always be with them, which can make you or your loved one really happy.

Best Medium-Sized Dogs for Retirees

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a really good dog for older people. They are friendly and get along with everyone, including children and other animals. They are great pets for grandparents and can play with their grandchildren and other pets at home.


For older people who enjoy being outdoors and want to get more exercise, bagels can be a great option. Beagles are a type of dog that is energetic, playful, and friendly, and they love to play and go for long walks.

Unlike some other small dogs, they do not require constant attention and are fine with being left alone for a while. For older people who don't like to spend a lot of time grooming their pet, beagles have short, thick coats that are easy to care for.

They do not require a lot of maintenance when it comes to keeping them clean and looking good.

French Bulldog

French bulldogs are really popular because they have big eyes, cute faces, and short legs. They are also really easy dogs to care for.

They're very gentle and don't require a lot of energy, so they're perfect for older people who don't move around much. They don't even need much exercise; just a short walk is enough.

Frequently Asked Questions

What dog is best for seniors?

Poodles, Maltese, Pomeranians, and pugs are some of the dog breeds that are great for seniors to keep as pets. These dogs are easy to care for and do not require much exercise. But the best dog for an older person depends on what they like and what they can do.

What is the best non-shedding dog for seniors?

Goldendoodles are the perfect pet for older people if they have allergies or don't like to be cleaned every day. These pets do not shed much and are hypoallergenic, which means they are less likely to cause allergies. Even if one does not have much experience with pets, they can still adopt a Gold Endodol because they are smart and easy to train.

Is having a dog good for seniors?

Pets can provide a lot of love and make older people feel less alone. A study found that older adults who own dogs are less likely to feel lonely than those who do not.


If you are an energetic senior citizen and want to get the best dogs for retirees, there are a few things to think about. You should think about how much energy the dog has, how big it is, how it needs to be groomed, and how it works. Each type of dog has its own special qualities that can make you happy and make good friends. No matter which dog you choose, the bond between you and your dog can make your retirement even better. Just remember that getting a dog is a big commitment that can last a long time, so take your time to find the perfect dog that will fit into your retired life.

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